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AFEN (Association Française pour les Émissions Négatives)

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AFEN (French Association for Negative Emissions) is France’s new multi-stakeholder and industry-led platform to drive carbon removal in France and beyond. Our mission is to turn France into a CDR powerhouse by supporting the development of a thriving and innovative CDR industry, thereby enabling France to reach net zero emissions by 2045.

60 Boulevard Francois Ier, Paris


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Airfix combines decades of climate finance and carbon project development expertise with a vision for a scalable Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS) market in Europe. Find out more at: www.airfixcarbon.com Airfix supports biogenic carbon emitters to develop and finance carbon removal and storage, giving investors the confidence to invest in BiCRS while producing certified carbon removal credits, underpinned by significant emissions reductions. We aim to remove 5,000,000 tonnes of CO₂e in 10 years. By creating a cohesive ecosystem for BiCRS projects, we simplify the complex value chain for biogenic emitters, providing investors with attractive opportunities for low-carbon investments and drive carbon finance into the BiCRS market by working with carbon standards to produce certified carbon credits.

Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005, Zurich


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By design, Avnos is the world’s best shot to get to gigaton scale of carbon dioxide removal from direct air capture. We are a driven team of scientists, engineers and technical operators working together to solve one of the most fascinating and impactful problems the world has to solve: removing legacy carbon emissions in service of cooling the planet. We know that innovation requires creativity and courage and we give our people ownership to follow their curiosity to a solution. We work fast and collaboratively, learning from each other as we create answers to climate’s most pressing questions. Avnos is a place where you can see the impact of your work in the real world.

6060 Center Dr, 6060 Center Dr, 10th Floor, Suite 51 LOS ANGELES CA 90045


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We remove CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into minerals using Biomineralization as a tool. We’re not making minerals, we’re making BIOminerals with great super powers : –>They retain CO2 permanently –> Their special properties give them industrial applications that can help reduce industrial CO2 emissions.

5 Terrasse des Reflets, 92400, Courbevoie

Carbon 1.5

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Carbon 1.5 is a French innovative climate infrastructure startup with the ambition to save the Mountains by : – cleaning the atmosphere from CO2 at high-altitude 🏔️ – creating a circular economy through the recycling of the captured CO2 ♻️ – building a new sustainable economical & social future for our Mountain territories 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Our technology is based on DAC (direct air capture) units at high-altitude (above 2000m).

1 Route de la Plaine, Le Crêt, Val d'isère, 73150, FR

Carbon Impact

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Nous sommes un développeur indépendant d’émissions négatives de CO2. Nous utilisons les meilleures technologies disponibles pour développer avec vous une activité de capture de CO2 dans le cadre de votre processus. Vous pouvez générer des revenus complémentaires tout en contribuant à réduire les concentrations atmosphériques de CO2. Nous sommes une entreprise au service d’une cause. Nous sommes convaincus que les émissions négatives font partie des réponses au défi du changement climatique. Notre but est de capturer et de séquestrer des millions de tonnes de CO2 par an d’ici 2030

Rochecorbon, 37210

Carbon Removal Partners

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Carbon Removal Partners is a Zurich-based VC with a pure focus on the growing Carbon Removal industry. Carbon Removal Partners invests into technologies to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere in a permanent manner, as well as into companies along the Carbon Removal value chain. It is our goal to collaborate with the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the industry to make the need of reversing humanity’s carbon streams become a reality. Carbon Removal Partners takes decisions with regards to its deepest conviction that carbon removal will take on an indispensable role among other carbon reduction strategies. Well aware of today’s challenges we seek to enable systemic change. While doing so, we want the world to join us.

Basteiplatz 7, 8001, Zurich

Carbon Time

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Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has had to face yet. In order to avoid worst case scenarios, we have to limit global warming. To accomplish that, we need to urgently reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Reaching this objective will involve drastically reducing our emissions, but also removing carbon already present in the atmosphere. Carbon Time is a company with a mission committed to accelerate the real-world application of Carbon Dioxide Removal solutions.

128 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris


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🇫🇷 Carbonapp est un opérateur de projets de contribution carbone indépendant qui développe des projets français dans les meilleurs standards existants, et dans tous les secteurs.

Place du Granier BP 97143 35571 CHANTEPIE CEDEX


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Carbonfuture is the digital Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal. Through our two products – Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace – we seamlessly connect carbon removal supply with demand, ensuring integrity and quality with our rigorous, data-driven approach. We empower suppliers by providing the essential project support needed to transform their carbon removal projects into fully certified carbon credits and facilitate access to the market. For corporate buyers, we offer portfolios of verified carbon removal credits that adhere to the highest quality standards. We are proud to work with some of the world’s most ambitious climate leaders, including Microsoft, Swiss Re, and the World Economic Forum’s First Movers Coalition, in our mission to advance global carbon removal efforts.

Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 7, 7906 Freiburg


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Carbonx is the leading permanent carbon removal procurement and management platform. It helps organisations on their net zero journey by facilitating access to permanent carbon removal solutions. Carbonx provides the transaction infrastructure and data to turn corporate climate commitments into permanent carbon removal. We strive to accelerate the world’s transition to net-zero and help companies reconcile their economic growth with environmental commitment.

26 rue de Montholon, 75009, Paris


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Based on proprietary technology, CARBOROK deploys CO2 Mineralization Ecosystems in local areas for carbon direct removal and circular economy.

13 rue du Ranzay, 44300 Nantes

Climate HQ

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ClimateHQ’s mission is to build the world’s largest and most accurate corporate climate action data & market intelligence platform. Streamline your market research and sales & marketing operations by accessing years of corporate climate action data & voluntary carbon market information in just a couple clicks.



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ClimeRock is a French startup focused on Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) – a natural solution that captures carbon dioxide from the air by spreading finely ground rocks over large areas of land. ERW also improves soil health and productivity for farmers. ClimeRock aims to make ERW accessible to farming lands globally, starting with France. ERW utilizes abundant natural resources and has the potential to scale up rapidly to reach net-zero emissions.

1 Rue du Débarcadère, 92700 Colombes, France


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Crystaltrade is a one-stop high integrity carbon removal data platform developed by traceability market leader Crystalchain. We are « the hub of the high integrity carbon credit markets » for corporations, carbon projects developers and carbon forward investors.

3 Rue du Commandant Rivière, 75008, Paris


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The DVNE strives to inform the public about negative emissions / carbon dioxide removal and will provide the flourishing CDR ecosystem in Germany with a coordinated and powerful voice. It is a multi-stakeholder platform to facilitate collaboration and the development of policies in Germany to realise net-zero by 2045 and net-negative thereafter.

Schönhauser Allee 175, 10119 Berlin

Fera Climate Technologies

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GazoTech is a France-based biomass/waste-to-energy project developer and a distributor of turn-key gasification systems for the conversion of various biomass and waste feedstocks into renewable heat, electricity, green hydrogen, biomethane/synthetic natural gas and bioethanol. Through partnerships and licenses, GazoTech deploys gasification solutions with a track record of over 900 installations in 35+ countries. Current focus is on France, the Caribbean and Africa.

10 rue des Usines, 44100, Nantes

Herbert Smith Freehills

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At Herbert Smith Freehills, our ambition is to help you achieve your goals. Exceptional client service and the pursuit of excellence are at our core. We invest in and care about our client relationships, which is why many are incredibly longstanding. And we enjoy breaking new ground, as we have for over 100 years. We are where you need us to be. We are in key financial centres and major growth hubs. Our international footprint is extensive and committed. We are at our best tackling complexity and navigating change. We work alongside you on demanding contentious matters, exacting regulatory work and complex public and private market transactions. We are recognised as leading in these areas. We are immersed in the sectors and challenges that impact you. We are recognised as standing apart in energy, ESG, infrastructure and resources. And we’re focused on areas of growth that affect every business across the world, including technology and digitalisation.

66 Av. Marceau, 75008 Paris


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Marble is a climate tech venture studio solving hard climate problems. Our mission: bring us at least one gigaton closer to net zero and create a future that thrives. We do this by partnering with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet.

86 avenue de la République, 75011, Paris


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Nautilus Energy est le one stop shop de la transition énergétique : nous vous aidons à construire une stratégie bas carbone, booster une activité compatible avec une trajectoire 2°C, former vos employés aux enjeux de la transition et investir dans des solutions de transition.

15, avenue Michel Ricard, 92270, Bois Colombes

Negative Emissions Platform

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The Negative Emissions Platform is a Brussels-based partnership to improve the political and public recognition of carbon removal technologies and solutions. We represent technology developers, providers and sponsors, research centers, academia, think-tanks and the civil society. Our main focus is on engineered and hybrid approaches with a potential for permanent removal of CO2 – direct air capture and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, enhanced weathering on land and in the oceans, biochar, soil carbon sequestration, mineralisation in building materials and the use of wood in lasting products and materials. We also actively promote the use of atmospheric CO₂ in e-fuels, materials and chemicals as a way of closing the carbon cycle, while delivering the economies of scale and cost reductions for atmospheric capture technologies.

Rond Point Schuman 2-4, 1040, Brussels


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NeoCarbon reverses climate change by dramatically cutting costs of Direct Air Capture leveraging cooling towers around Europe. By retrofitting existing infrastructure without impacting their original function, the time and cost needed to set up a carbon capturing system is improved by up to 10x. NeoCarbon was formed in Berlin in 2021 by René Haas and Silvain Toromanoff, two engineers passionate about ClimateTech, and is backed by Venture Capital fund Antler.

Im Marienpark 16, 12107, Berlin


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Notre mission consiste à traiter les déchets non-recyclables en utilisant la Fossilisation accélérée. Cette innovation, qui séquestre davantage de carbone qu’elle n’en émet, révolutionne la gestion des déchets en les transformant en puits à carbone, permettant ainsi de revaloriser la totalité des déchets sous forme de granulats minéraux utilisables dans le secteur du BTP.

6 route de Saint-Laurent, 49290 Chalonnes-sur-Loire


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NetZero is a two-time winner of Musk Foundation’s XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition, a recipient of the Efficient Solution label from Solar Impulse Foundation, a Green Tech prize winner of the Tech for Good Awards, and develops carbon removal projects certified under the Puro Standard.

4, Rue Thiers, Paris, Île-de-France 75116, FR


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Limiting global warming to 1.5°C implies reaching net zero CO2 emissions in 2050 according to the IPCC. Next to substantially reducing emissions, this target will only be possible by globally deploying carbon removal (CDR) solutions at the scale of billions of tons of CO2. Neustark is a leading provider in this rapidly growing field, having developed a solution to permanently store CO2 from the air in recycled mineral waste such as demolished concrete. Our first solutions have been deployed in Switzerland and Europe and are already capturing and storing tons of CO2 every week. We are currently scaling up our operations and carbon removal impact globally – on the road to removing one million tons of CO2 in 2030, and beyond that.

Freiburgstrasse 251, 3018, Berne

NextGen CDR

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The NextGen CDR Facility (NextGen) aims to facilitate the purchase of certified technical carbon removals, deliver permanent carbon storage and act as a catalyst for net-zero strategies. NextGen brings technical expertise and global networks together to unlock the potential of large scale technical carbon dioxide removal (CDR). NextGen is powered by South Pole and Mitsubishi Corporation, with backing from founding buyers Boston Consulting Group, LGT, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Swiss Re, and UBS. –––––––––– Our ambition Purchase over 1,000,000 certified carbon removal credits by 2025

Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005, Zurich


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Patch is the platform accelerating climate solutions with integrity. Patch builds technology to help organizations manage, sell, and buy carbon credits with efficiency, transparency, and rigor. Through Patch, companies gain access to the broadest network of high-integrity carbon credits. Carbon credit suppliers use Patch to get more precise and efficient, with a modern buyer experience. Today, 400 million tonnes of carbon are actively managed on Patch. To help rebalance the planet, visit patch.io.

249 Hickory Street, 94102, San Francisco


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Pronoe is a CO2 removal company. We restore the ocean’s natural ability to capture and permanently store CO2 from the air, in a sustainable, scalable and asset-light manner. In practice, we design and deploy automated water treatment systems that seamlessly integrate downstream of the operations of coastal industrial sites. As a result, Pronoe’s activities generate high-quality CO2 removal certificates to customers, valorize otherwise wasted effluents, and locally mitigate ocean acidification. To the benefit of the climate, coastal communities and ecosystems, worldwide.

5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, Paris, FR


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Riverse is the first carbon credit certification standard and platform focused on technology-based, circular economy projects. Our solution enables project developers to access the voluntary carbon market in less than three months. Our existing methodologies cover projects in the fields of biochar, biobased construction materials, biogas from anaerobic digestion, and electronics refurbishing. We are currently working on further methodologies in the fields of carbon dioxide removal and circular economy.

28 Avenue des Pépinières, 94260, Fresnes

Sinkco Labs

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Leveraging a biogeomimetic approach to carbon sequestration, durably locking atmospheric CO2 at permanent timescales while delivering supply chain decarbonization. Currently operating on stealth.

Sirona Tech

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We believe that we can build a better future where humans live in harmony with nature. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by leveraging technology to support nature’s carbon cycle through the removal of CO2 from the air and its return to the ground. As pragmatic engineers, we understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for practical solutions. Therefore, we are building machines that leverage existing and well-understood technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We recognize that this is just one part of the solution, and that we must also drastically reduce emissions to reach net-zero as soon as possible. By working together, we believe we can help restore the earth’s natural balance and unlock a new era of sustainable prosperity.

Rue Lebeau 47, 1000, Bruxelles


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Stathmos represents the next generation of direct air capture (DAC). We combine novel sorbent and innovative process in our modular Statbox to remove permanently carbon dioxyde and balance the climat.


Sublime Energie

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SUBLIME Energie est une société à mission qui propose une solution de collecte, transport, épuration et conditionnement de biogaz, répondant aux enjeux environnementaux notamment climatiques, en permettant aux exploitations agricoles de valoriser le biogaz produit par méthanisation, tout en créant une nouvelle filière locale d’approvisionnement en bioGNV (Gaz Naturel Véhicule) et en bioCO₂.

60 Boulevard Saint Michel, 75006, Paris


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Founded in 2014, TerraWatt is a French technology startup with the objective of unlocking the energy potential in non recyclable municipal waste and biomass. TerraWatt is the only company in the world using biological methanation to transform pyrolysis syngas into biomethane.

149, Avenue du Maine 75014 Paris France


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VOLTIGITAL is an engineering and consulting firm dedicated to innovative low carbon technologies. We work FOR industrial companies, and sometimes WITH innovative start-ups that improve the technological landscape. Our topics: – Carbon Capture Use and Storage – Innovative H2 production and uses – Green gas & processds (pyrogaseification, methanation, hydrothermal gasification).

1 rue du Guesclin, 44000, Nantes

Yama Carbon

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Yama pioneers ultra-scalable Direct Air Capture using a novel hybrid electrochemical process, bypassing the current limits in electricity, land, water, and manufacturing.

16 rue Marx Dormoy, 75018, Paris

Carbon Gap

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Carbon Gap is a philanthropy-funded non-profit organisation focusing on scaling up just and effective carbon dioxide removals (CDR) in the EU. Removing excess carbon from the atmosphere, along with rapidly reducing emissions, are essential to ensure a safer climate. We believe Europe has a unique opportunity to lead the deployment of carbon removal, as part of humanity’s toolbox to fight climate change. We guide European decision-makers with advice that is independent and science-based. We bridge the knowledge, policy and ambition gaps so that carbon removal becomes a critical pillar of European climate action.

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

The Climate Agency

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Supporting Climate Solutions is our North Star. We believe humanity needs every tool in the box to fight climate change. Yet, many climate solutions do not get the attention they deserve. That’s why we are dedicated to helping climate start-ups. We are a non-profit marketing consultancy, accessible even to early-stage start-ups. Our processes are agile and get results fast . At the same time, we never compromise on quality and strive for excellence.

Flat 105, Union Wharf, 23 Wenlock Road N1 7 SE London


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We are Aerleum, creating a better world for future generations by building a circular economy. We strive to remove giga-tons of carbon dioxide from the air and transform it into clean alternatives for fossil-based products.

18 RUE D'ORBEY, 67100, Strasbourg


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Développeur indépendant de solutions de Capture, Utiilisation et Stockage du Carbone (CCUS / BECCS) Agence de conseil en décarbonation industrielle ——- Independent developer of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage solutions (CCUS / BECCS) Consulting agency for industrial decarbonization

Eurosquare, 35 boulevard Solférino, 35000 Rennes, France

Groupe Soler

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Founded in 1993 in Gyé-sur-Seine (Aube, Grand Est, France), the SOLER Group is one of the leaders in renewable carbon production, offering a unique and innovative technological solution to achieve global climate neutrality. The SOLER Group is a French family-owned company based on a positive energy and environmentally friendly circular economic model. It develops and operates biorefineries with a proprietary and patented technology that transforms wood – derived from the sustainable management of forests located close to its production sites – into biocarbon and biochar.

Cordelon RD 103, 10250 Gyé-sur-Seine


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Our mission: to regenerate terrestrial ecosystems on a large scale to tackle global challenges using field experience, local communities, science and technology. Since its inception in 2010, Reforest’Action has implemented more than 1,500 projects in 45 countries, mainly through funding from over 3,500 companies. As a fast-growing company, Reforest’Action aims to restore and regenerate 1 million hectares of (agro)forestry ecosystems by 2030, thereby contributing to the global forestry goals. By providing nature-based solutions that meet the objectives of corporate model transformation, consistent with their carbon strategies, Reforest’Action aims to contribute to the transition to a regenerative economy.

10 rue Jacques Daguerre, Rueil-Malmaison, 92500, FR

Terra Fertilis | Sylva Fertilis

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Terra fertilis® est une société française qui fabrique et commercialise une gamme de produits naturels à base de biochar premium, 100% écologiques et utilisables en agriculture biologique. Notre biochar premium est une alternative pour restructurer vos sols, augmenter les taux de reprises et apporter une meilleure résistance à vos plants. Cette offre vous est proposée par la société SYLVA FERTILIS France.

19 Quai de Juillet, 14000 Caen, France


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